MLK / Hi5 AWARD 2012: Marco Borsato

Ambassador of the War Child Foundation

"Marco Borsato is a living example of the Hi5 philosofy: "where YOU are coming from you did not decide, it is in your own hands where YOU are going to.".

Marco Borsato takes every chance he gets to bring to our attention the situation of childeren in war areas around the world and in particular the work of War Child to improve their living conditions and schooling for a better future.

MLK / Hi5 AWARD 2011: Lucille Werner

Founder of the Lucille Werner Foundation

"Lucille believes in a positive outlook on life. Because of her perseverance in spite of her handicap she acts as a role model for various groups in society and she is praised for her active contribution in connection with others.

In The Netherlands, Lucille is well known for the presentation of the TV show "Lingo". She also came up with the idea of a Mis(s) contest for beautifull woman with a handicap which resulted in the international CAPawards."

VIDEO: About Lucille Werner

MLK / Hi5 AWARD 2010: Sigi Lens
Founder of the Pro Child

"Sigi Lens receives this award for his willpower and his envolvement to society. On june 7, 1989 the airplane with the dutch Colorfull soccerteam on-board as well as 150 other passengers crashed at Zanderij near Paramaribo, Surinam. Sigi Lens was one of only three survivors. In stead of throwing the towel he developed himself and became well known with Pro Athlete his own player-broker office. Sigi Lens took on the idea of giving back to society and founded Pro Child to enrich the chances for childeren."

VIDEO: About Sigi Lens

logo The King Movement
MLK AWARD 2009: Clara and Sjaak Sies
Founders of the food bank

"The food bank, brings the wealth that exists along with the deficits that exist. This is done by volunteers who work for the society. The food bank fights against poverty. Clara and Sjaak Sies created and shaped that with their determination and boundless energy. We therefore believe that they deserve this Award."

VIDEO: About Clara and Sjaak Sies | Award presentation

logo The King Movement MLK AWARD 2008: Job Cohen
Mayor of Amsterdam and chosen second best mayor of the world

"Mr. Job Cohen received the Award because of his ability to bring different people closer together and because he truly lives by the six principles of non-violence."

VIDEO: About Job Cohen | Award presentation